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Our 2011 Foals

One Smart Ace (ApHc)

Boogie Bee Jet x Precious N Few Aces
This colt was foaled on his sire's birthday, April 14, 2011. This guy should be a handy, athletic and agile colt. He should mature to about 15 hands and be very stocky.
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Raisin Jetta (ApHC)

Boogie Bee Jet x Meluvsrasins (TB)
Raisin Jetta, filly born May 11, 2011. Her dam is 16.2 hands. This filly is already tall and athletic. Look at those pasterns and cannon bones!
She should easily reach 16 hands. She's a real sweetheart!
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Hyper Jet (ApHC)

Boogie Bee Jet x Hyper Lil (TB)
Hyper Jet, colt foaled May 25, 2011. This colt definitely has the action of a Dressage horse, he just floats along! He has the longest pasterns and cannon bones I've ever seen! His dam is 16 hands, he's going to be taller and better than she is. At 10 months old, April 2012, this colt was already 15 hands tall. He has a neck that is out of this world! He is the friendliest, in your pocket colt you will ever see! He is gelded! Before he grew his winter coat he was getting black spots, I can't wait to see how he sheds out this spring!
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